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Dear Surfer,

Welcome to the Mature Asian Woman Picture Archives... Erotic photos of mature Asian ladies are
extremely difficult to find on the Internet, because 90+% of pictures of Asian women on the Net are
women or "Girls" below the ages of 30... Thus, pictures of young Asian girls are a "Dime a Dozen"
or cheap to come by. However, if you're into older Asian ladies forget it! You could spend weeks or
months on the Internet and spend a small fortune joining an expensive Japanese or Asian Website
provided you can speak Japanese or some other Asian language?

Therefore, Western men are pretty much shut out of the many exclusive clubs that feature mature
Asian girlfriends, wives, etc. And if you've ever been to Asia, that's just the way it is... However, we
were committed to finding vintage Asian Ladies! And after over 3 years we finally cracked the code.
So, we hope you will help support us in our mission and show our sources that you're interested in
this material, because it will help us to bring you MORE!
HAIRY ASIANS: Erotic photos of unusually hirsute or "Hairy" Asian ladies are also difficult to come
by, however as one of the original founders of the Hairy Erotica movement in the 1990s, we "get it"!
So, if you're looking for Hairy Asians we've got them like no other place on the Internet...            

This is one of the largest and the most diverse collections of mature and hairy Asians in the West!
Therefore, if you are seriously "Jonesing" for some adult Asian ladies this will be your source. And
because we are NOT just looking for "Fashion Models", you will see an amazing variety of women
here; including Hairy, Fat, Wrinkled, Sagging, Floppy Breasted, etc. Including nude Asian women
in their 80s and 90s!!! So, if you're looking for "perfection", this may NOT be for you? And pictures
of mature and hairy Asian girlfriends, wives, etc. are welcomed. So, if you can contribute, contact
Webmaster about earning a possible Free membership.

Again, we are NOT about "Fashion Models"... Studio H International is about REALITY! Therefore,
you will see hairy and mature Asians as they really are: Just Natural, Real, everyday, housewives,
girlfriends, office workers, etc. in their full and natural glory!!! And that is what makes it such a fun
and interesting effort... We appreciate the stories, pictures, inputs and support. Join the Studio H
International main site as an Affiliate and earn money sending us new members. Thanks

The current monthly membership fee is only $15.00US - VOLUME I
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