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MODELING: If you are a mature Asian woman, and would like to earn extra part-time money, we currently are seeking women ages 30 to 70 from around the World interested in "Erotic Modeling"! Former models, dancers, or actresses are especially welcomed... However, the offer is open to any woman seeking to earn extra money.

Nudity is NOT required, plus there are several ways to "disguise" your appearance or protect your identity... And we welcome women of ALL shapes, sizes, and "looks". Therefore, it is NOT a "Beauty Contest"!!!
And it doesn't matter if you are married, single, student, factory worker or a professional woman.

If you can pass our auditions process and become registered with our Website, you could be earning $100.00 to $200.00 per Hour part-time
or paid a "Flat Rate" to model for us. Plus, we offer a commission for any new members who you bring and who join our Website.

We have a photographer in Hollywood for ladies living in or visiting the Los Angeles area. However, if you live outside of the Los Angeles area
or outside of the U.S.A., we can make some arrangement for you to be
photographed in your country or purchase your pictures.

The work is very "legal", EASY and SAFE! And even if sexual or nude photography is "prohibited" in your country it is O.K. in the U.S.A. and Europe. Especially, since you are well "over" the legal age! Plus, NO sexual contact with any persons is required... It is only when a person photographs a minor or someone below the age of majority that there will be any legal troubles.

Once you register with our Website we will explain U.S.A. Law and
what is legal and permissible in the U.S.A., as well as several ways
to "disguise" or protect your identity if you have a "Day Job", etc.

Again, the work is very SAFE and EASY. And if we schedule you with our photographer in Hollywood, you will find the experience to be an interesting process! Plus, many women are amazed at how sexy and beautiful their pictures come out!

We especially seek models from Japan... Because Japan currently
is most "open" country in Asia for erotic photography, with greatest
number of mature URABON models. However, women from every
Asian ethnic group are welcomed... Including Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Laotian, Filipino, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, etc. So, if you're of these or other "Pacific Rim" ethnic groups, let us know.

To audition, submit 2 or 3 full length "clothed" photos of yourself...
Snail Mail the pictures to Webmaster at given P. O. Box address
with your Application and fee. It's O.K. to "cover" your face in any
lingerie or nude audition pictures. So, if you have boyfriend or a
girlfriend to photograph you, send us some pictures.

If accepted, we will then discuss setting up an appointment with
our photographer, purchasing your photos, or building Website
for you where you will earn money for each person joining your
Website to see your pictures.

Even if you don't think modeling is for you, we can still PAY YOU
for helping locate other ladies wishing to model... So, if you have
female friends, relatives, or local ladies willing to model, you can
earn "finder's fees" or commissions from signing new ladies.
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