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NOTE: After 20 May, 2013 CCBILL Subscriptons must try "Online Check"!
Mastercard and Visa: Join PayPal, see Instructions below and contact us...
You can also subscribe via "Snail mail", from months of January to November.
Then, once you've established your Username and Password, it is just matter
of getting your payment in before 15th or 28th of each month for as long as or
for how many months as you wish to subscribe. We drop December to permit
the system to switch over into the New Year...

So, even though initially not as "instant" as if using a credit card, a snail mail
subscription will allow you more flexibility or an option... Thus, you'll be able
to use Cash, Check, or Domestic Money Order to pay for your subscription...
Plus, we will accept cash in the form of Japanese Yen, Korean Wan, as well
as Canadian Dollars and British Pound Sterling. Just cover up the cash with
a black carbon or similar dark paper and mail in.

Subscription fees are as follows: 1 Month, $15.00US; 6 Week, $20.00US; and
2 Months, $25.00US; or 3 Months $40.00US... Send your Name, Address, and
E-mail clearly printed out and signed with payment to above Post Office Box
Address. Check or Money Orders Payable to: "S. H . I . Media..." We will then
E-mail or Snail Mail your Username and Password back to you.

Suggestion: Send us an E-mail with your First and Last name in the Subject
block of E-mail to: mailin@matureasianwomanlover.com with note telling us
how much you sent. And whether or not it's a new subscription or "renewal"
of a former subscription. This will greatly speed and coordinate subscription
pick-up and processing times.

RENEWALS: If renewing a past subscription, simply give us the Username
that we assigned to you, so that we can look it up and re-activate it for you.
DO NOT give us a CCBILL Username... Once theirs has expired you usually
must generate a new one with a new subscription.

CREDIT CARD: Due to high fees imposed by the Credit Card companies,
we no longer can process Mastercard and Visa thru CCBILL... Therefore,
we suggest trying CCBILL Online Check or joining PayPal and crediting
the payment to S.H.I. Media via PayPal ( see below ) Then, you'll be sent a
Username and Password to enter the Website.

PAYPAL: If you have a PayPal account, simply contact the Webmaster and
he can credit your PayPal donation to a subscription. However, we cannot
automatically "direct" PayPal payments for this Website. Please use SAME
prices given for the snail mail subscriptions above. Once PayPal indicates
receipt of your payment, you'll be sent your Username and Password info.
The same Username and Password can be used for a "Snail mail" renewal
later if you choose to alternate. Simply contact Webmaster at the following
E-mail if you have PayPal: info@shimedia.com

CREDITS - We will pay you $5.00 for each new member who you send our
way with your Username as a reference and who joins or Website or issue
you credits good quality pictures of a Mature Asian girlfriend, wife, etc. We
also will discuss ways to earn money selling pictures and videos thru our
Website in addition to women being Pen pals for our members.

Please type or print information below signed and dated for a snail mail
and sending in payment... Print E-mail address clearly




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erotic material or MatureAsianWomanLover.com in my country, state, province
or county.

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Note: Registered members DO NOT have to submit a signature each time they
subscribe! Once you're on file you simply mail in your payment and Username
indicating that it's a "renewal"...

Mail to:

  1. H . I . Media; P. O . Box 50121, Dept. MA; Long Beach, CA 90815-6121 USA

E-mail: mailin@matureasianwomanlover.com

Questions: info@matureasianwomanlover.com

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